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welcome to the san fedele farmhouse

Located in the village of Ramazzano and nestled in the green hills of 'Umbria, a short walk from the historic center of Perugia, The Farmhouse San Fedele has a beautiful structure waiting to be discovered. Fully enjoying the relaxation and all the pleasures that the campaign can 'give away on vacation, it offers you the chance to be close to the main towns and to have at hand all the facilities' and entertainment of the city', and the ability to enjoy typical products of our land.


Winter has arrived
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"Maybe I'll do a favor by telling the reader how it will spend a week in Perugia. His first care will not be in a hurry, walking everywhere very slowly and aimlessly and to observe all things that his eyes meet." (Henry James)

"Here the country is really beautiful, that implies the Umbrian school: that horizon lines, that sloping hazy mountains in the distance! I was in Assisi is a beautiful thing, country, city and sanctuary for those who want the nature and art in their agreements with the story, with the imagination with the affections of men. I tried to make two or three poems and St. Francis of Assisi. "(Carducci)

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