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Few regions like Umbria are capable of arousing such intense emotions.
For the visitor, through this region from the different profiles and from the many souls it is like going into a dimension where spiritual suggestions, artistic
and environmental excellence mingle perfectly.



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Pedaling immersed in a forest, in direct contact with nature and away from the noise and traffic. Climb some steep mule track up in the mountains and then enjoy the view, rushing headlong to a technical single track in the forest or enjoy a comfortable dirt road between the olive trees or vines going from one village to another.
These are some of the opportunities that Umbria offers lovers dellamountain biking, bike versatile with its thousands of opportunities of use is ideal medium for both beginners who want to enjoy a Sunday of tranquility surrounded by nature, or for those who want conquer the most inaccessible peaks and address the more technical descents, as well as for tourists who do not like the track and want to visit the area away from traffic and the atmosphere that only the paths and country roads can suggest. discover more at


trasimeno lake

Land and water come together in a unique and enchanting Lake Trasimeno, dominated by various shades and colors more intense. Breathtaking landscapes, historic towns along the lake, outdoor activities, a pure and uncontaminated nature ... the Trasimeno is this and much more. Enjoy and understand this magical place with a farm stay, the ideal location for a holiday in nature at the lake.
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An invitation to discover the wonders of our region, to immerse themselves in the colors of the hills, valleys, mountains, forests, lakes. The suggestions of the snowy mountain, villages, cities, abbeys, witnesses of an ancient history .... find out more about:


The equestrian culture in our region is very developed especially for the essentially rural nature of the region, which in the recent past saw the horse always present in the daily lives of many people. Considered one of the most noble animals, it is the perfect combination of pet and farm animal, and is often used for both sports (equestrianism) for leisure activities (walks).
Umbria also for its strong link with tradition and folklore, is often a stage for events, exhibitions and events related to re-enactments of historical events where the horse is almost always the protagonist. Discover more about:

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